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Our Executive Board of Directors serves as an advisory board to the Board of Mayor and Alderman.

Public Library Director: Mitzi Willis

Obion River Regional Library Director: Mary Carpenter

Library Board Members

  • John Gammon, Chairman
  • Ken Smith, Vice Chair
  • Pam Mabry, Secretary
  • Betty Jackson
  • Allison Stewart
  • Clint Ross
  • Tyler Neeley

If you would like more information or have a question about our Library Executive Board of Directors, call us at 731.627.3221.

  • City Directory
    City Directory

    The city of Newbern, TN, is fully serviced with administration, public safety, and utility departments to adequately protect and serve its residents.

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  • Newbern’s Departments
    Newbern’s Departments

    Newbern, TN is proud to have administration, public safety, and utility departments as well as a local library to serve and protect members of our community. 

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  • Newbern's Boards & Commissions
    Newbern's Boards & Commissions

    Learn more about Newbern, Tennessee's Board and Commissions on this page.

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  • Water Quality Report
    Water Quality Report

    As a measure of water quality and to ensure your safety, the city of Newbern issues a Consumer Confidence Report every year.

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  • Building Codes
    Building Codes

    Building codes are laws established by the local government that determine how structures and systems should be designed and built.

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